Explorer Pack

Explorer Pack is a type of pack worn by players in Starfield.

Last Updated 22 Sep 2023 at 12:57 pm GMT
Starfield Explorer Pack armors Image
Explorer Pack
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 5
    • airborne 0
    • radiation 5
    • thermal 20
  • Value 6685
  • Mass 7.5
  • Damage Reduction
    • energy 66
    • electromagnetic 68
    • physical 64

Where can Explorer Pack be found?

Explorer packs can be found randomly in containers or acquired from defeated enemies as loot or some NPC characters. As for the exact location, there's yet to be any available info.

What build is Explorer Pack good for?

Starfield has several builds; you can check our builds list for reference. However, it may suit melee builds, or demolition builds as this pack can help restore item additional health and heal more quickly. It can also regenerate health after combat intense from these builds.

Is Explorer Pack good?

This pack increases thermal, corrosion and radiation hazards, it may be good for starter players. However it adds additional weight as it weighs 7.5 aside from your spacesuit and other packs or weapons to carry.

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