DS40.1 Ares Bridge

The DS40.1 Ares Bridge is a ship component manufactured by Deimos in Starfield. It has a Mass of 25 and a Base Value of 54910. It can be bought from the Deimos Staryard.

Last Updated 24 Oct 2023 at 13:21 pm GMT
sp Placeholder ImageDS40.1 Ares Bridge
  • Vehicle Part Mass25
  • NameDS40.1 Ares Bridge
  • Crew Slots6
  • ManufacturerDeimos
  • Ship ModuleCockpit
  • Cost54910
  • Vehicle Part Cargo340
  • Required Skills

Where Can We Get a DS40.1 Ares Bridge?

The DS40.1 Ares Bridge can be bought in the Deimos Staryard.

How Do I Make/Craft a DS40.1 Ares Bridge?

The DS40.1 Ares Bridge cannot be crafted. It can only be bought from the locations described above.

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