The Demolitions skill is an advanced Combat Skill that increases the damage dealt by explosives. So if you plan on using lots of explosives in Starfield, then you should equip this skill.

Last Updated 05 Aug 2023 at 22:04 pm GMT
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  • Typecombat
  • Tieradvanced

What does Demolitions do?

  • Increase the damage and blast radius of your explosives.

What are the ranks for Demolitions skill?

  • Throwing grenades now shows a trajectory arc. Explosions have a 25% larger radius.
  • Explosives do 25% more damage.
  • Reduce damage taken from explosives by 25%
  • Double all previous bonuses

Are there challenges to complete for this skill?

  • Kill 20 enemies with explosives.
  • Kill 50 enemies with explosives.
  • Kill 100 enemies with explosives.

What build does Demolitions work best with?

  • Demolitions build: A demolitions build is a specific type of combat build that focuses on using explosives. They are often skilled in using explosives and in engineering, and they are dedicated to destroying enemies and structures with explosives.
  • Space combat build: A space combat build focuses on fighting in space. Demolitions can be used to board and destroy enemies inside ships in tight spaces.
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