Deimos Spine B

The Deimos Spine B is a ship part that is manufactured by Deimos. It has a Base Value of 475 Credits and has a Mass of 2. This can be bought on Deimos Staryard on Deimos, or from the Ship Technician in New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Gagarin Landing.

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Starfield Deimos Spine B ship-parts Image
Deimos Spine B
  • Cost 475
  • Vehicle Part Mass 2
  • Name Deimos Spine B
  • Manufacturer Deimos

Where Do I Get Deimos Spine B?

The Deimos Spine B can be bought from the Ship Technicians in New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Gagarin's Landing. It can also be acquired in the Deimos Staryard.

How Do I Make/Craft Deimos Spine B?

The Deimos Spine B cannot be crafted. It can only be bought from the locations described above.

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