Deep Mining Pack

Deep Mining Pack is one of Starfield's packs with basic boost packs and is resistant to airborne and corrosive damage.

Last Updated 25 Sep 2023 at 16:06 pm GMT
Starfield Deep Mining Pack armors Image
Deep Mining Pack
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 25
    • physical 34
    • energy 18
  • Resistance
    • airborne 20
    • radiation 0
    • thermal 0
    • corrosive 10
  • Value 875
  • Mass 6.1

Where can Deep Mining Pack be found?

It is still unknown currently where to find this item specifically. However, it can be loot from a defeated enemy, sometimes found in containers and some NPC characters.

What build is Deep Mining Pack good for?

Deep Mining Pack is a common pack, so this might work best for trader builds. It is a friendly beginner; however, it will ask you to trade some of your items.

Is Deep Mining Pack good?

A deep mining pack is common; you can find it easily as you quest. Its physical is low but airborne and corrosive-resistant, so it may suit beginner players.

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