Creator's Peace

Creator's Peace is one of the 24 powers players can collect in Starfield by completing the "Into the Unknown" mission. When used, it forces your foes to drop their weapons, costing 25 energy.

Last Updated 04 Oct 2023 at 10:54 am GMT
sp Placeholder ImageCreator's Peace
  • EffectForce your foes to drop their weapons.
  • Cost25

How Do I Unlock Creator's Peace?

Players can unlock the Creator's Peace by completing the "Into the Unknown" mission.

How to Upgrade Creator's Peace?

Creator's Peace can be upgraded by consuming Quantum Essence. Players can loot Quantum Essence after defeating Starborn enemies.

Best Uses for Creator's Peace

The best use for a Creator's Peace is to let the enemy surrender as it forces the players' enemies to drop their weapons.

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