Venus Gets The GRiNDTerra Treatment

venus starfield

venus starfield

We’ve learned from science class that Venus is one of the most inhospitable planets in our star systems due to its proximity to our Sun, now called Sol in Starfield. With the GRiNDTerra mod, however, the planet gets a much-deserved makeover and is now one of the most thriving in the Sol star system.

First, download the GRiNDTerra - A terraformed Venus with NEW HANDMADE BIOMES mod on Nexus.

Once the mod is installed on your computer, you can see the Hills and Rocky Desert biomes transform into the Humid Forest and Tropical Canyons. Unlike Starfield’s procedurally generated landscapes, these biomes are lovingly handcrafted by the modder, ItsmePaulieB.

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Credit: Reddit

The mod also increases the fauna and flora on Venus, making it less barren than in the base game. There’ll be 11 flora and 12 fauna species that you can look for, scan, or hunt.

Venus also has climates that are more common on planets with a strong atmosphere, like Earth used to be. You can explore while experiencing Fog, Cloudy, Overcast, Partly Cloudy, Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms, and Clear climates.

Procedural generation was leveraged by the development team, saving them some time that otherwise would be tied up in hand-crafting locations in each of the more than 1,000 planets and 120 star systems in Starfield.

While it greatly increased the scale of Starfield’s content, many players are unhappy at how procedural generation was implemented in Bethesda’s newest RPG yet. For them, the game has become monotonous as some locations appear similar to others they’ve already visited.

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