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Shipbuilders in Starfield have built almost any vessel they can think of, but most of the time, they’re creating spacecraft that cross over from other franchises. Creator Adrien Gonzales, over at the Starfield Gaming Community on Facebook, decided on a unique take on shipbuilding.

Mr. Gonzales built not a ship from other games but a gaming console. We’re talking about the Nintendo Gamecube. Take a look at his creation below.

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Credit: Facebook/Adrien Gonzales

Based on the picture, Mr. Gonzales’ creation is worth 17,515 and has a Mass of 548. It is equipped with a class 23 reactor, a crew of 2, and a range of 23 light-years. The color also tries to emulate the real-life Gamecube, but the ship is a deeper purple than the real thing.

Mr Gonzales explained that he had an LED issue on his television and saw the colors wrong when he initially made the ship.

The reactions to his creation were mostly positive. One user said in jest that he’s giving God a GameCube to play up in the heavens, while another said he’ll be fully impressed if the ship can run Smash Bros.

Yet another user urged to create a Dreamcast, to which Mr. Gonzales replied that he’d also like to make the original Xbox.

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Credit: Microsoft/Xbox

The emulation of a real-life console as a ship in Starfield brings to mind that Starfield remains a PC/Xbox Exclusive. Early access and the initial days of the release only made the game available as a PC download through Game Pass and Steam and on the Xbox Series X and S.

However, after impressive sales figures started appearing, Bethesda immediately enrolled Starfield in the games listed on the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming platform.

While AMD and FSR2 remain the official tech partners of the game, Bethesda announced that it is working on introducing native Nvidia DLSS support in the future.

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