Player Discovers Metroid in Starfield

starfield metroid

starfield metroid

There is a lot of fauna that you can encounter when you go exploring planets in Starfield. There are over 100 species scattered throughout the galaxy, some endemic to a particular planet while others are unknown and just waiting for players to discover them.

It seems that some of the creatures from Metroid made their way to Starfield, where they mutated or evolved beyond their original form. Behold the Metroid making an appearance in Bethesda’s biggest open-world RPG to date.

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Credit: Reddit

All these creatures are terrestrial sea horses with a similar appearance to a Metroid from the classic adventure series. A transparent sac also obscures their heads, and they look even fiercer with that on their face.

So… who’s going to call Samus on this one?

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Credit: Reddit

There are so many exciting things popping up from Starfield players nowadays. There’s a moon that is sticking too close to its parent planet, and players are wondering how that celestial body still survives despite the science proving that it could be blown to bits by being in such proximity to its larger neighbor.

Another player also observed an eclipse occurring in Starfield, although players said that the shadow does not actually affect anything on the surface. You get to see if the sun is obscured by a moon or two but nothing else.

In any case, let’s all raise a glass or two for Starfield after it won Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards, with 6 million players during launch and 10 million players three weeks after that, Bethesda’s newest space romp certainly deserves this distinction.

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