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Outpost building and maintenance is, without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to gain experience points in Starfield. Despite this, some players believe that the Outpost Building section of Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG could be improved further to include one new feature.

If introduced, we could even agree that this proposed feature could drastically transform the player experience in Bethesda’s largest release yet. So what is this feature?

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According to Screen Rant, this much-needed feature would be creature taming, which means players can tame fauna that they can find in the areas surrounding their outposts. That should be interesting because Starfield has over 200 species, each with its own traits and temperaments.

When creatures are tamed, players can use these beasts as steeds, similar to what was possible in the Ark franchise.

Of course, if players can tame these creatures, the logical next step is to enable breeding.

However, this is animal husbandry, which you can do once you’ve enabled the skill set. Animal husbandry lets you take care of tamed fauna that doesn’t attack you but still does not allow you to ride them.

These suggestions come at an exciting time, especially since Bethesda is gearing up to release a huge update, broken up into individual patches that release within six weeks of one another. According to last year's announcement, these patches will introduce new traveling methods in Bethesda’s space romper.

However, these new methods of traveling have not been specified in subsequent Bethesda announcements.

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