Photo Contest - High Rise Landing Pad

starfield high rise buildings

starfield high rise buildings

Howdy, explorers. Today is Thursday, and it is time for our Starfield Photo Contest winner to be featured in our articles and videos. This week, we have a fascinating snapshot for you to review.

Take a look at the picture that we chose for this week’s Photo Contest winner.

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As you can see, the player built a landing pad for his spaceships on top of a high-rise building, which we can assume to be his outpost. Most landing pads we can see from other users are almost always on low ground, so this one stood out.

We want to mention the player's name, but the one who submitted this picture refused to be tagged. In any case, be amazed and perhaps inspired to make unique creations.

Who knows, you might be the next player featured in our weekly gallery and video!

We’d like to see what you create with your time on Starfield. Feel free to use our hashtag #PortalSnapshot. When you use that, we can spot your snaps on our social media channels. So, what are you waiting for?

Send those pictures in our direction, and we’ll be more than happy to look at them.

Speaking of Starfield’s Photo Mode, one inquisitive player revealed how Starfield’s particle system works. While his character stood in the rain, this player decided to turn on Photo Mode and zoom out. That’s when he noticed no rain in the bigger picture because those drops only fell on his character.

Other game developers quickly explained the phenomenon, stating that game developers limit the number of particles rendered for rain to optimize console or PC performance.

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